..." Usually arranged in series, and often in triptychs or poliptychs, Koulakov's paintings address on one hand space and on the other the eternal fashination with material..The din of flashing light permeates these surfaces, carried by the paint to an incandescent image, changeable, almost daring. Vortexes, eruptions, thunderbolts, chasms, loud cries, transmitted by the accelerated and vehement gesture, define on the page the strong and immanent figure. And the space is not longer tangible on the canvas but concretely projected in three dimensions. And other times the opposite...suddenly abandons the opulence and the ornamentation. And made bare and severe, it seeks adventure, improvisation, spacious dreams....But certainly he is a painter who by this very duality justifies the uniqueness which easily distances him from any generic academy and from any school....."

Fabrizio D'Amico, Instantaneousness of the Gesture, Rome 1991