A Return and a Welcome

Mikhail Koulakov bears witness to the values of the modern painting tradition in the country of Mussorgsky, Kandinsky and Stravinsky.

Over the last 50 years, modern painters in Russia have been banned or kept in the background. At last, as is their right, they are free once again to move in the world of international art, with all their special sensitivity and imagination, their spontaneity and zest for life.

Koulakov's works play on the extreme freedom of composition where colours acquire the fullness of brass instruments, or the lighter sounds of violins, cellos, double basses and violas. His view of the pictorial field tends to towards music rather than the classic view of perspective or of cubo-futurism (the original synthesis created by Burljuk and Khlebnikov to interpret futurism and cubism).

In my view, for us Italians, Koulakov's work has a newness about it, a presence that reestablisbes the art of a great country within today's concept of Eurasia.

My warmest welcome to Mikhail Koulakov and my very best wishes.