"...To my mind, Mikhail Koulakov is an almost legendary figure linked to the discovery of new art...His research is multiform; the consequences of a free automatic gesture are interrupted (or enriched) by the concept of preparatory meditation leading to revelation; the abstraction of the sign unites with lyrical figurativeness...By now a mature painter, Koulakov emphasizes the plastic techniques and the conceptual layouts that are so much part of his work, and refuses to indulge in infantile lyricism... The polyhedric technique, always a special feature of his art, becomes accentuated and is given more prominence in his later works; his calligraphic technique is refined, his paintings becomes more objective, the brush stroke and the structure seem to move on different paths an to co-exist in parallel spaces...

Leonid Bazanov, Koulakov, the outsider, Moscow 1993