Today, there is no doubt in our minds that Mikhail Koulakov is a top rank painter and one of the few who is privileged to have his works displayed in the Tretyakov Gallery. Together with his contemporaries, Ilja Kabakov, Evgenij Mikhnov-Vojtenko, Oleg Tselkov, he is amongst the ten non-conformist artists whose creative activities were a form of protest against the reigning Soviet cultural system that reduced everything to the same level. After leaving Russia in 1976, Mikhail Koulakov has become a well-known maestro on the world art scene with his unmistakable style... The dramatic nature of Koulakov's works is achieved by means of special composition techniques: he pours paint onto the surface, he sprays it, he spreads it by mixing it directly on the canvas, not on the palette. At the same time, his works show him to be an heir to the school of Russian informal art, represented chiefly by V. Kandinskij, V. Matjuhin, A. Rodcenko, etc.

Nadezda Musjankova, Head of scientific department, StateTretyakov Gallery, Moscow